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Mine Safety Solutions

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The world's only Full-Cube reflective sheeting.

3M's DG3 material delivers the highest reflectivity of any reflective sheeting in the world. Add fluorescent colourant - in particular fluorescent yellow-green used in vehicle marking and fluorescent yellow for road signage. You get optimum reflectivity and visibility not only at a long distance but also at wide angles. These fluorescent materials provide superior visibility both at dust and dawn.

Signs are a vital way of communicating information to all divers whether they are in a light vehicle or large haul trucks to make sure that they have as much notice as possible to react to situations and conditions. Normally road signs are placed in the best location to provide the most effective visibility to road users. In the mine environment, it may not always be possible to position the sign in the best location. The use of DG3 reflective signage overcomes this and gives the mine flexibility with sign placement. DG3 is the brightest  reflective material available today and delivers maximum sign visibility from all angles to all haul users.

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It is essential that all road users on the mine site to be able to identify and recognise other Vehicles.

It is essential for all road users on the mine site to be able to identify and recognise other vehicles.

By marking these vehicles with 3M fluorescent yellow-green DG3 material these vehicles are highly visible by day and by night. Not only is the type of vehicle obvious but the highly visible number panels also allow operators to be easily identified during shifts on the mine site.

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Mines are networks of complex processing areas. 

The environment is monochrome, visibility is often limited and vehicles can be either very large or relatively small. This means that there are many issues to address including, vehicles and sign visibility to ensure drivers safety when navigating the roads network within the mine site.

​The environment in the mine is very  different from a Public road . The monochrome terrain combined with the absence of visual cues such as  buildings and trees means that the vehicles are at at greater risk of collision and injury particularly at poorly marked junctions.  the type, size and placement of signs is vital for achieving the maximum effect and visibility delivering a key message to all drivers .By marking vehicles with 3M's DG3 reflective material accidents can be minimised and environment made safer for all mine employees.  

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DG3: The world's only Full-Cube Reflective sheeting

Through years of experience in reflective films, 3M’s experienced personnel are able to help and advise which signage and vehicle identification is best suited to the circumstances of the site. Placement, size and use of correct materials are essential. In line with Global Standards the very best materials are recommended to ensure a safe environment for the ever-changing environment of a mine site

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